newport garden fencing

Appearance is only one of many aspects of garden fencing; sometimes a pretty looking fence isn’t enough and you need garden fencing for security reasons, you need something that will prevent unwanted guests from stepping onto your property. Two forms of garden fencing that are sure to do the job are the wrought iron fence and the wooden privacy fence. These two fences are two of the sturdiest and most secure kinds of garden fencing out there. If you are looking for strength and security, looking into these options would be a good start.

One of the best kinds of garden fencing for security purposes and keeping unwanted guests off of your yard is the wrought iron fence. In fact, the garden fencing that ensures the safety of the white house is actually a tall black wrought iron fence (although additionally enforced with armed guards, security cameras, and who knows what else). When one of my close friends had a pool installed in his home, he was required by law to keep the yard enclosed. The garden fencing needed to be secure enough to prevent wandering children from getting near the pool and getting hurt. We ended up choosing a wrought iron garden fences, it was fairly tall, very sturdy, and difficult to climb or get past. Additionally we went with garden fencing panels which made it very easy to install. The wrought iron fence isn’t just a great security fence, but it also has a very nice appearance. Wrought iron fences are typically decorative and it is also a fairly neighborly fence in that your view isn’t obstructed by it.

Another type of garden fencing that is great for security is the wooden privacy fence.

This fence is made out of large wooden panels placed next to each other with no gaps in between. You can not see in or out of the wooden privacy fence. The fence is also usually fairly large and over six feet tall. It is extremely difficult to climb over as it is mainly just a flat surface and sometimes the top ends of the vertical wooden boards are in the form of a pointy 90 degree angle. This is the type of garden fencing that you might see stereotypically depicted with a sigh warning you to beware of dogs. This kind of garden fencing is great for preventing pets from leaving the yard in addition to keeping unwanted guests from entering are even looking into your yard. This fence also does well visually because of the great look of the wood and in addition to being a secure and sturdy fence, it will also provide privacy.

Perhaps there has been a burglary in your neighborhood or maybe you don’t want kids trampling on your much worked on garden or maybe you simply want to keep your pets from wandering out into the street. Whatever your reasons, the wrought iron fence and the wooden privacy fence are both great garden fencing for security. They are both more secure than a chain linked fence and are probably the most secure garden fences available (short of maybe stone garden fencing).