newport venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a choice of many for homes today. The blinds can be quite expensive and they can also be purchased by those on a budget. The choice of Venetian blinds over roller blinds is often a matter of preference. One of the advantages of the blinds is the ability to adjust the slats so that a view outside is possible while retaining privacy. Another benefit is adjusting the amount of light that is desired. Although they are somewhat more difficult to keep clean than roller blinds, a light dusting in between deep cleanings can help.


The use of roller blinds is often chosen because they can be purchased with black out backings if the room in which they are being used needs to be dark. They also can be purchased with thermal backing to help save on heating and cooling bills. The Venetian blinds do not provide either of these options because even though the slats are closed, some light will pass through. The loss of heat is another problem when using Venetian blinds. Some relief can be provided by closing them in an upward position.


One option available to those who would like to use Venetian blinds is the wooden type. They can be used instead of drapes or in combination with curtains or drapes. They do provide the home with privacy when they are closed. This is one of the benefits of using them over curtains. Another advantage of wooden roller blinds is they are often easier to clean than fabric and stains usually lift off due to the treatments that are used on the wood. They are usually sealed with a special coating that repels stains.

Using a duster to clean them will keep a lot of dust from building up which can necessitate deep cleaning frequently. 


The use of roller blinds that are made of fabric which is often a choice of many can have disadvantages as well. Some fabrics are very expensive and are difficult to clean. If they become stained, depending upon the type of material used, they may have to be replaced. If the material used is an expensive type or one that is hard to find, this can require changing all the window treatments if a matching type cannot be found. 


Roller blinds cannot be adjusted to allow light from the entire window into the home. They are either up or down and the top half of the window is covered. Venetian blinds have slats which allow light from the outside to come in from the entire window if needed. Roller blinds are available in a variety of styles – plain, lace, sunscreen and more. They can be used to allow the light that is coming through the window to be somewhat filtered. There are some roller blinds that are constructed with aluminium backing for certain uses.


The choice of roller blinds has become more popular as people look for options other than Venetian blinds or curtains or drapes. They are fairly easy to install and provide a look that allows them to be used in virtually any room in the home. Of course, Venetian blinds may be used in any room as well, but they are more often used in kitchens and bathrooms.