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When man first discovered the versatility of timber he was on a winning streak. With a multitude of uses from fuelling fires for warmth and cooking, fashioning primitive farm tools and weapons to building water craft and homes, it has become one of our most valuable natural resources. Without timber in the early years, we would not have been able to cross rivers. Wooden bridges were needed. Even the inside of our home is furnished with timber products. The beds we sleep in are often timber based, our couches and wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs use timber as well.

Timber is such a versatile product. Wooden shingles on roofs, wooden frames in the walls and cladding of the home, not to mention beautiful polished timber flooring. Timber ships crossed ocean expanses in search of new lands for centuries before steel came on the scene. Even today many fishing boats are made of timber and are sturdy and enduring. Timber would never have been kept in use as it has been if it was not a first class product. Timber was also found to have good insulating properties adding another plus to its seal of approval, and timber venetian blinds to the list of home furnishings.

While timber shutters are still widely used in countries where severe weather is a regular occurrence, or insulating against cold conditions in snow falls, timber venetian blinds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for interior decor. Weather patterns are changing and the heat seems to be going up by degrees each year. With timber being so versatile, enduring and insulating, it is easy to see why it is such a popular addition to the home. Not only do they insulate the home, they are easy to operate blocking out sun where needed and allowing light and breeze in where sun isn’t a problem.

They give privacy in areas of need and definitely enhance the look of the home.

If you are about to furnish your windows, consider using timber venetian blinds. As stated before, timber has a timeless, enduring quality making it an excellent choice. The variety in finishes and colors makes it easy to compliment your interior decor. Not only can you drop into a store that stocks them, you have the option of shopping online, and can make online enquiries as well if you need to know something further. You will be happy with your decision when you see how great they look, and how much cooler your home will be.